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Martin has a wealth of experience after 27 years in the industry and it shows!! He’s a real expert so you know you’re in safe hands and he has really gone over and above to help me understand how I can optimize my website performance!
Rebecca Hartley
Rebecca Hartley
22:27 27 Feb 18
Martin presented his Digital Marketing Masterclass with knowledge and enthusiasm. I learnt a lot and would recommend it highly.
Simon Griffin
Simon Griffin
09:15 09 Feb 18
Martin has provided us with valuable insight as to how we can maximise our marketing budget and effectively use Adwords. Thanks Martin
Beehive Healthcare
Beehive Healthcare
17:50 17 Nov 17
I attended a digital marketing workshop led by Martin and really benefitted from the course. Martin's presentation gave me a clearer understanding of digital marketing, and I found it useful that it was tailored to our small business. Martin was very informative and shared a lot of practical tips which I hope to implement going forward. Thanks Martin!
Rachel Billington
Rachel Billington
14:11 24 May 17
I would highly recommend Martins work. Having attended a workshop on digital marketing run by Martin, I was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge and experience in marketing. Having provided me with some fantastic information I have been able to plan and begin a marketing strategy for my company with confidence that I am getting the foundations right. Following the course, Martin provided 1 - 1 time and gave me invaluable advice and help on designing my own website. Setting up a new company has many hurdles and with Martins help the marketing side for me has been dramatically lowered and is far less daunting now.
Suzanne Miller
Suzanne Miller
17:18 20 May 17
Martin set up my Google AdWords for me and I cannot thank him enough. He made the whole process simple and easy to understand. He also gave me lots of useful hints and tips about how to move forward with my marketing.Through my AdWords campaign that Martin set up for me I have won hundreds of new clients and his part in this really cannot be overstated.Use with every confidence that he will win your business more work!
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
11:58 20 May 17
Martin puts forward an effective and interesting course on Digital Marketing. He provides an in-depth knowledge in this vast topic, and manages to put details over in an easily understandable manner. The course was very inspiring and has helped me greatly. Thanks Martin
14:17 19 May 17
Martin held a group of workshops on digital marketing.We covered a lot of information ,he made it applicable to our small business. I am now more confident in our digital marketing strategy and have implemented some ideas already. He doesn't set unrealistic goals, and makes everything achievable for a small business. He doesn't talk down to you;and makes marketing seem simple and easy, when sometimes it really isn't! Thanks
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
14:10 19 May 17

If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got…

…unless things change!

The world of marketing now is unrecognisable compared to 15 years ago.

Some of us can remember a world before Facebook, before Google, we can remember it, but we no longer live in that world.

Now we live in a marketing world dominated by a few key channels, but most importantly dominated by the consumers.

As technologies continue to evolve so do customers.

As a result, the marketing activities of companies also need to move apace to keep up with both its application of digital technologies and developing the knowledge and skills to use them.

It’s no longer good enough to produce a wonderful brochure, print out beautifully designed leaflets, and (metaphorically or literally) start knocking on doors.

Now we need to entice our prospects and customers to come to us, to engage with us, and to stay engaged.

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Are you ready for GDPR?

GDPR is going to impact on all of us, if you have any data, on any customer then you need to comply to the regulations.

Whether you are  business to business or straight to consumer, if you hold any customer data at all, then you need to be ready for the changes GDPR will ‘encourage’ you to make!

We provide a very cost effective review and implementation process so make sure that your business complies with GDPR.

So, get in touch and we can help you to prepare – martin@mcm2.co.uk

Some of the things you’ll need to look at

  1. What data do you have already?
  2. How do you collect it?
  3. What do you do with it?
  4. Who deals with it?
  5. How and where is it stored?
  6. What is the split of business and customer?
  7. Can you prove they have opted in?
  8. When did they opt in?
  9. What did they opt in to?
  10. And, unfortunately, quite a lot more…


Even in our initial conversations we have come across a few things that people will absolutely need to do

  • one client – didn’t really think that they had much data – but have over 1,000 subscribers to the website – so we will need to go through the list, clear out all the robots, sort the real people, and then get them to opt in
  • another realised that some of their opt ins will be from people below 16 years old, so we need to get opt in from the responsible adult
  • another has a mix of emails in their ‘business’ lists – we need to identify any that are either not businesses or grey areas – so any that are hotmail, outlook, yahoo, bt emails and so on,, and move them to a customer database and get opt in
  • one has a database of over 20,000 records, who have been getting newsletters for 3 years – But – they have no record of the data of the opt in, or what they opted in to. So we need to – somehow – either get this information – or – in the case of the customer data – get them to opt in – ideally double opt in
  • one takes invoice payments which are kept in a job folder – accessible to everyone – so we need to work through the process – get rid of data they don’t need to keep, and ensure that access to customer data is restricted.
  • and, we are not perfect – not by a long way – we have started to change our own processes – Data can now only be shared by we transfer, and our databases are stored on an encrypted USB pen which is kept in a safe when not in use. That’s just the start of the changes we are having to make.

Potential Email Open Rates

  • B2B – Furniture 23%
  • B2B – Events 29%
  • B2B – Office Services 17%
  • B2C – Automotive 27%
  • B2B – Technical 16%
  • B2C – FMCG 23%
  • B2B – Office Services 15%

These are live examples with current clients – each client is different, targeting a different market – but this can give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Potential Email Click Through Rates

  • B2B – Furniture 61%
  • B2B – Events 11%
  • B2B – Office Services 46%
  • B2C – Automotive 20%
  • B2B – Technical 38%
  • B2C – FMCG 13%
  • B2B – Office Services 37%

Showreel and video work

MCM2 always exceeds our expectations! Martin helps us with a variety of aspects of our marketing including email marketing, advertising and website work. The return on investment is brilliant, as a small business we don’t have the budgets of major companies and Martin manages to use what we have and produce outstanding results.

Richad Taylor

Managing Director, Homefeeds

Martin has helped us achieve astonishing results with our digital marketing. He has been running our email marketing campaign for 2 years and has helped us to achieve a 30% open rate and 60-70% click through rate which is not only almost unbelievable it far exceeds our wildest expectations. Importantly we can trace key new customers initial interaction with us back right to the digital marketing message they received from us.

Mike Weston

Commercial Manager, Premiere Furniture

Now, you can develop your website (and you need to keep developing it), run pay per click campaigns, use social media, create viral marketing, have a quality blog, Twitter, Tumblr, pinterest, apps, online media space, analytics, goal tracking – the list goes on… but we understand it can all be very confusing for most businesses!

But not for MCM2, we can lead you through the world of digital and social marketing and make a difference to your company.

Call us on 07765 406530 or email martin@mcm2.co.uk

We will review what you want to achieve, assess your current activity and help you to implement an integrated digital strategy which will deliver the best results for your budget.

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As a specialist business reducing costs is always a priority. However, managing the various elements of success digital marketing can be difficult. Martin managed to do both – he reduced our cost per click by 70% in our pay per click campaign, and runs our monthly email newsletter.

Lizzie Green

Marketing Manager, Lewis Group Group

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The internet of things could one day provide your alibi

The internet of things is fast approaching, with more everyday household appliances being upgraded to smart versions. Each individual piece of furniture in the home is eventually going to be able to record data, which can be used positively and negatively. Due to the...

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After taking part in one of Martin’s brilliant training courses at Reaseheath, I contacted him for additional help with the digital marketing for my business. He set up and now runs my pay per click campaigns which delivers additional business, and all at a low cost – which as a small business is vital.

Tom Stockadale

Managing Director, Stockdale Fencing