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Welcome to MCM2

Digital and traditional marketing

We’ve years of digital marketing and traditional marketing experience, covering every aspect of the marketing mix, having worked across a range of brands and market sectors.

Although a specialist digital and content marketing agency, we also support a range of companies across the entire marketing mix.

We like to work with businesses who – to be honest – want someone that knows exactly what they are doing and doesn’t charge too much. Many of our clients are local companies, who want confidence that they are getting best advice.

Clients we’ve worked on over the last 28 years include:

  • Stockdale Fencing
  • Cheshire Trailer Repairs
  • Greka Foods
  • ABFunding
  • Delamere Logs
  • Make Events
  • Flyback Products
  • RTS Antiques
  • NCA Ltd
  • Pepper Ink
  • Animmersion
  • Drink Driving Solicitors
  • Switch Scene
  • Instrumentation Direct
  • Verisure Gas
  • Terra Nova School
  • Hammond School
  • AG Products
  • Lewis Reed Group
  • Chester University
  • Reaseheath College
  • Salon Supplies
  • Salon Aquaflow
  • Bromley Cleaning
  • B and B Hygiene
  • Homefeeds
  • Safefleet
  • Akula Living
  • O’right
  • Macadamia Hair UK
  • Feel For Hair
  • April Training
  • Harper Collins
  • World Book Day
  • Rackcare
  • Service Master Nantwich
  • Lex Autolease
  • Nantwich Town Council
  • RBS
  • Mercedes
  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • Northern Rock
  • Molson Coors
  • NEC Group


As well as a loads of others, covering everything from racking, logistics, tourism destinations, retail and pub chains. We specialise in companies in Cheshire and the North West (just because its easier logistically).

If you want to talk to us about what we can do to help your business, email martin@mcm2.co.uk or call 07765 406530

Some of the websites we have build over the last few years include

All of these sites are build on a standard CMS system, so sometimes the client makes changes after we have finished the work, so the sites may not look exactly like they did at the start

http://www.flybackproducts.com – I took this over from the original agency, and made the site look a lot better, and have also increased the volume of online sales genarated

http://www.homefeeds.co.uk/ – really nice parallax site.

http://www.hfangling.com/ – This site is currently being revamped to be more like the Homefeeds site

http://www.bbhygiene.co.uk/ – Great b to b client

http://www.smcleannw.co.uk/ – standard b to b site very quick and simple

http://www.safefleetshop.co.uk/ – multiple front end shops working on the same back end management system – this is a very complex site with a very simple shop front end

http://www.ag-products.co.uk/ -multi lingual site for a agri-tech businesss

http://www.animmersion.co.uk/ – very large site for animation company

http://www.akulaliving.com/ – b to b furniture company

http://www.nantwichtowncouncil.gov.uk/ – Nantwich town council – big complex site which is constantly being updated

http://www.chiropodist-liverpool.co.uk/ – quickest site I have ever built – 1 days work, it looked very nice when we finished, I dont really like the images of the feet on the home page, but, the client wants them

http://www.private-investigator-north-west.co.uk/ – quite an old site now, but a good example of a local business site

http://www.corefitunique.com/ – took this site over a while ago from the original agency am working on making it look better

http://www.fosseurauto.co.uk/ – nice B to B site

http://www.salonaquaflow.co.uk/ – b to b site selling boilers

I no longer work with these, so can’t be 100% sure everything on the site still works, but they do look nice. Some of them are amongst the nicest looking ones I have don

http://www.oway.co.uk/ – organic, environmental hair care brand

http://www.sumitabeauty.co.uk/ very high quality eye brow brand

http://www.akulaliving.com/ – b to b furniture company

http://aftercare-tns.org/ – very nice looking home page

http://www.haigh-engineering-liverpool.co.uk/ – engineering company in Liverpool – nice B 2B site