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Digital and traditional marketing

Some car dealers are excellent at marketing, they are able to spend their money wisely, ensuring maximum return on investment for every penny spent.

These are usually the businesses with either large group marketing functions, or are lucky or foresighted enough to have found a marketing specialist who can keep them ahead of the game.

Some however find it harder to really get to grips with modern marketing techniques, in particular how to use social media, paid for search and content marketing. All areas which can drive significant customer footfall.

All areas which can deliver footfall at low cost, areas which are long term, brand supportive and can be implemented at a dealer level with minimal support from the manufacturer.

In a market place where manufacturers are becoming less  and less supportive, a market place which is changing year by year so that it is almost unrecognisable from even two years ago it’s all the more important for car dealers to stay ahead of the game.

The Marketing Activity Development program (MAD), is designed to support car dealers in their marketing, analysing what they are doing and giving them a route plan to improve their activity. Designed to drive more business by moving their marketing to the next performance level.

With over 20 years marketing experience across a range of brands the MCM2 team understand how to push dealers marketing forwards.

Working both at at dealer and a manufacturer level mcm2 understands how to maximise opportunities and support dealers in planing and improving relationships with the head office team.

We have worked across multiple brands, including – Volvo, Daihasu, Chrysler, Mercedes, VW, Peugeot, from owner driver dealerships to large groups.

To find out how the MAD program works, click here.