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Creep Shots – taken by creeps, viewed by creeps

No matter how you dress it up, no matter how people justify themselves, taking surreptitious photos of unsuspecting women and uploading them to the web is unacceptable and invasive.

It’s just one more thing that women have to worry about.

So, what can you do?

1) First be aware of your surroundings, not always easy, but watch for people who are holding their phones away from their heads. If they are not talking on it and are not taking a photo of their friends, what are they doing, they’re not on the Apprentice after all. Be aware on stairs, on public transport, and when you are working. Many creep shots take place at work, so unfortunately you do need to be aware of your co-workers.

2) Next – if you see someone taking a creep shot, or you think you see someone, think very carefully before you confront them. Most will be sad losers and simply asking them what the hell they think they are doing will be enough to make them back down. Our advice, if you are in a public place, with your friends, ask the creep what they are doing. if you are on your own, or they are in a group, unfortunately the best thing to do is walk away.

What if you are a victim of creepshots?

If you are a victim then give us a call, we will, always operating within the law, attempt to get the image removed, locate the photographer, and point out to them the error of their ways. Some shots are illegal, and our investigators will work with the authorities to see the matter resolved. Unless they are a serious offender, a quick visit from the police with put the wind up them, and hopefully make them stop. If it was clearly taken at work, then we would work with you to find out who they are and approach your employer with the evidence.

It’s not easy, but we strongly feel that these people should not be allowed to get away with it.

We found this article on an American site and thought it was really interesting.


By Anne-Marie Green


Have you been the target of a “creep shot”? It’s a 3 On Your Side warning for women.

Creep shots are pictures taken without your knowledge.

They’re intimate and revealing and may end up on the internet for anyone to see. Anne-Marie Green started looking into this after an outraged 3 On Your Side viewer wrote to us.

They are suggestive photos and they are shot in secret. But it’s happening in plain sight, in places like the supermarket or the post office or on the subway. There are creeps lurking in the library. The person behind the camera could be nearby when you’re out for a walk with your child.

They’re taking so-called creep shots. The pictures and video are taken by voyeuristic men.

Many of them are now sharing the pictures on the web and on popular sites like Reddit and Twitter. And it doesn’t stop there.

A surveillance video from a convenience store in Texas shows a man brazenly holding his phone under a woman’s dress.

The woman is Fallon Fraker and when she found out, she confronted the creep.

“I chased after him in the parking lot and demanded to see his phone and the pictures and asked him why he was taking pictures of me,” said Fraker.

It’s happened in our area too. A year ago, a man on SEPTA was arrested after taking so-called upskirt photos of a sleeping passenger in a skirt. And a US Airways pilot was busted for shooting up the skirt of a 15-year-old at Philadelphia International Airport. Both men were convicted of invasion of privacy and received probation.

But not all creepshots are illegal. Rob Di’Vidio is a criminal justice professor at Drexel University. He says there isn’t much a woman can do about pictures being snapped and posted on websites.

“It’s a very, very difficult thing to shut down especially when a majority of these photos on these creepshot websites don’t fall within the parameters of the law,” said Di’Vidio.

That’s because most laws say you can shoot anything that’s visible in public.

Upskirt shots are illegal but other creepshots are not.

Reddit recently acted to take down a creepshots category but others have popped up. And these photos are easier than ever to get with smartphones. There are even spy-camera apps.

It looks like a Facebook page, but the picture is being taken in a small area of the screen.

People around the creeper won’t even notice. So what can you do?

Experts say you should be aware of your surroundings, especially when on an escalator, or stairs.

Check to see if someone is too close to you and maybe aiming a phone at you. And if you see your photo online, you can try to contact the website and ask them to remove it.

These sites operate by flying below the radar and much like creeper victims, they are not interested in any extra attention.


If you have been victim of creepshots, or any form of online bullying, then our team of investigators can  help you out. Just email us on martin@mcm2.co.uk

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