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Digital and traditional marketing

‘If you want to get lucky…it pays to be ready’
– Michael Bierut

We all know that we need a bit of development sometimes. To keep our skill level high we need to put the time and money into training and development. The trouble is that most businesses and most managers do not have the time to really put in to their staff.

We provide a marketing mentoring service, which is tailored to each business’s individual needs. We work with everyone from marketing executives, managers, and directors, supporting people with tailored plans, developing skills and supporting ongoing development.

Our team are on the end of the phone to deal with issues, support training, and deliver skill improvement. Monthly visits to the business support this development, helping turn executives into managers, and guiding senior managers through identified issues.

Our fees vary for each business and generally run for a 6 month period.

To find out more, give us a call on 07765 406530 or email martin@mcm2.co.uk

Six Facts about me:

  • 1. I love comics – I know that’s really unimpressive but it’s the truth
  • 2. My favourite superhero is Iron Fist – not as well known perhaps but very cool
  • 3. I am a moderately successful author of romatic horror – and no, you’ve never ever read any
  • 4. My favourite book is On The Beach by Nevil Shute
  • 5. I have three kids – one I like, one who’s okay and one who’s annoying – if they are reading this, then its up to them to work out which is which
  • I have 28 years marketing experience, and really do understand how to implement marketing tactics to generate business for my clients
Martin Corlett Moss

Director & Owner, MCM2