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Managing your online reputation is critical for businesses and people alike.

Bad reviews on can seriously effect your business. Whether it is malicious. misguided, over zealous, or completely true, one bad review will effect peoples buying decisions. Whatever your product, business to business or business to consumer, reviews matter.

So its crucial that you get it right – and that’s where we can help.

We can manage any facet of your online reputation;

  • – inaccurate trip advisor reviews
  • – inappropriate reviews on amazon
  • – poor feedback on ebay
  • – reviews on business to business forums
  • – website search results which put you or your business, or you personally in a bad light.

Our trained investigators will assess each issue individually and give you a detailed plan on how we plan to resolve it.

In most cases a simple request for clarification can result in the withdrawal of a review. In some cases we have to take more extensive measures, from swamping the search results to micro site creation through to finally legal action, if required.

The first step with all our customers is to sign a confidentiality, non disclosure agreement so we never reveal who we work for, or what we are doing on their behalf. Our customers rely on us to be discreet, professional, polite but above all persistent – our plan is to resolve the issue in a managed, considered way.

To discuss the issue further, give us a call on 07765 406530 or email martin@mcm2.co.uk